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IndieFAQs: Update 1

I’ve added 12 new games to IndieFAQs: Cave Story, Covert Front 2, Earl Mansin, Heartland Deluxe, Joe Gunn, La Mulana, Move or Die, onEscapee, Psychosomnium, Spooks, The Infinity String, and The White Chamber.

Dunno if I’m going to keep doing news updates about it like this – it seems like a good idea for the moment 🙂



IndieFAQs is up. I was hoping to add a bit more content before I “launched” it, so to speak, but I’ve come down with some sort of bug and haven’t really been in the form to do a whole lot since the new year. (I still have to write my new years resolutions, as silly as that sounds). Anyway, hopefully this will end up being a useful resource – right now there isn’t a whole lot there, but it’s only getting started.

Right so. That’s one more thing off my 2007 list… Still have TIGStory and that application to take care of.


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