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Transport Stories

Transport Stories is a 3-in-1 multipack with games made on all three possible forms of transport: Buses, Trains, and Luggage. The pack contains:

What terrors lie in the minds of men?

MAVERICK BUS has his own rules
MAVERICK BUS follows his own path
MAVERICK BUS doesn’t flip flop on one-way streets
MAVERICK BUS was created on a bus
What terrors lie in the minds of men?

WARNING: Do not leave luggage unattended.
Unattended items may be removed and destroyed.
What terrors lie in the minds of men?

Download Here
(Zip File, 21.9Mb)



Courtesy of Cheater over on TIGSource, here’s a video of DRIVE THE TRAINS:

I’m so doing that multipack!



Sorry, looks like my site was down for a bit there 🙁 To make up for it, here’s a game I made today about racing trains. It’s called DRIVE THE TRAINS.

Yeah I don’t really know what this is. I was trying to do something else and it didn’t work out. Now this is all that’s left.

On the plus side, my trilogy on all possible forms of transport is now complete. Maybe I’ll make a three in one multipack?

Er, enjoy!

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I entered this month’s Klik of the Month Klub over at Glorious Trainwrecks (hosted by the same crowd who put together the magnificent 100-in-1 pirate kart from back in the TIGSource BGames contest)!

The idea of KOTM is to create a game from scratch in two hours – the game I created is called PANIC, which reflects the feeling evoked by trying to create a complete game in one short sitting 😀 Well, that’s how it ended up, at least.

With PANIC, I think I’ve stumbled upon a game mechanic that’s maybe two or three variations away from being very exciting. I’m almost certain that I’ll take a different slant on this and come back to it and do it properly next year! What I’d basically like to do is have an unlimited “fuse” which you drag around the level and loop back to the core, which then detonates along taking a certain amount of time. I’ve some ideas for different enemy types, different fuse types (and joining together multiple machines) and all sorts of things that make me think there’s something interesting buried in this approach… PANIC doesn’t really show much of that, though (there’s only so much you can do in 2 hours 😆 ).

For now, I’m taking some time off – I haven’t been very productive recently, so instead of forcing myself to get stuff done I’ve decided to just leave it and put everything on hold till I get back to Dublin. (I feel like I haven’t had a proper break for nearly six months…)

So that’s that for a week… Merry Christmas! 😀

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I worry when you’re away

So, did a bit more work on Pathways today. I’ve mapped out the entire thing and I reckon there’s about 70 rooms in total, which is a *lot* of artwork. Thankfully, my approach to things should make that kinda manageable. I’m more worried about the writing, which is really crucial to making this whole thing work (and which I always get kinda self conscious about). I could do with some betatesting help on that end, if anyone’s interested…

Turns out the Pathways demo ended up in the Ludum Dare megapack, which is really annoying – but I guess I can’t do much about that 🙁 I told a couple of people before the deadline that I was thinking of not submitting it and taking time to do it properly, and they all said the same thing: submit something for the deadline: you can always go back and polish it up later. So I did and then I went and played it the next morning and was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’ve made a balls of it and now I’ve to be a total drama queen by withdrawing from the contest just because I don’t want that horribly bloated written-at-3am thing floating around out there making a mockery of a concept I’m very fond of…




There’s still time to change the road you’re on

Over the weekend, I put something together for Ludum Dare 13 (for the theme “Roads”). It’s called Pathways, and it’s a lot less arcady than most of the small projects I’ve made this year. I submitted a short demo to the contest, but the game isn’t finished yet. There are a lot of placeholder graphics, only about half the content I’d planned and most of the writing is rushed, overlong and generally pretty awful. The concept though: I like enough to want to see it through properly, so for the next few days I’m going to focus on finishing this. Until then, here’s a few screenshots!

Increpare also made a game for the contest, and it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s called Rara Racer – the screenshots don’t do it justice so I won’t post one; but be sure to check it out. Download here.


A little darker

The theme for this weekend’s Ludum Dare, as it turns out, is Roads.

This was one of the ones I was hoping for. I’m going to give it a shot after all! 😆

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Judith: the beginning

I started working on something new today with Increpare, inspired on the raycasting rendering mode experiments we worked on at TIGJam.

Not entirely sure when it’ll be finished, since we both have a lot of projects right now, but it’s quite short so hopefully it should be fairly soon.

On a related note: here’s the actual rendermodes from TIGJam:

Windows + Source (3.47 MB) | OSX 10.5 + Source (5.85 MB) | Source (16 KB)

Ludum Dare’s tomorrow. I’ve got something in mind, but I’m still not sure about entering just yet. I’ll make up my mind tomorrow morning once I see the theme 🙂

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Explosions in all directions

Honestly, I can’t say that I’m that happy with how Never Opened turned out. It’s ok, kinda fun in a way but it’s so far away from what I originally had in mind that I find it hard to appreciate it for what it is. It’s a bit like We Love Mind Control Rocket in that the gameplay that’s there is basically what I was able to compromise on and implement at the last minute rather than something I’d carefully planned out or designed. 🙁

Oh well. Live and learn, I guess.

There’s actually another game making contest taking place this weekend, Ludum Dare, which I’m considering taking part in… I feel like it might be a good way to get back into the swing of things 🙂 It’s pretty different from the TIGSource contests – for one, there’s a strict time limit rather than a fuzzy deadline, and it uses a universal world clock – meaning that everyone, from everywhere in the world starts and ends at the same time. For me, that means starting at 4am on Saturday morning.

I dunno about entering that one just yet, though. Will have to think about it a bit more. I won’t know what the actual theme of the contest is it starts, either…

Since I finished with Never Opened I’ve been back working on Detonate – here’s two new screenshots!

I’ve spent most of my time making slight adjustments to the exact rules – it’s still impossible to tell how any significantly complex turn is going to play out, but I think I’m at a point now where you can at least successfully make long term plans. There are two big rule additions that essentially make it work:

(1) A square cannot be “detonated” twice in the same turn – this means that tiles spread out from the detonation point rather than hopping about erratically (you can see that in the second screenshot), and

(2) an enemy square cannot be captured unless it’s from a detonation from a square that has more units than it. That means, for example, that a detonation of 4 beside an enemy unit won’t spread into that square unless there are 4 or less units in it. This means that you can essentially build “walls” of units to protect yourself from an enemy (and vice versa). (you can see that in the first screenshot where the yellow player meets the purple player)

Those are the two big ones, but there are smaller changes too – to detonation order, how units can move, and how many units can be placed in a single square.

(If you’ve never heard of overload and don’t know what I’m talking about, I actually found a mention of it in commodore format which explains the basic concept! You can read it here! You could also check out my old QBasic game Alternate Logic Puzzles which contains an implementation of it. 🙂 )

I know I said that I’d have this finished last weekend (that was before I started working on Never Opened), but I’m not sure I want to put a new deadline on this. I like where it’s going. I’m in no hurry to finish it! 🙂