171 thoughts on “Pathways”
  1. Lol, it’s funny, how works can go beyond the intentions of their developer… I see a lot of connections! 🙂

  2. I’d like to know if you wrote the phrase “Life is just a series of questions with no right answers.” If it wasn’t you, do you know who wrote the phrase?
    Nice and interesting game! Greetings 🙂

  3. So…. is the blond your wife or your ma? She starts off saying “don’t worry, you’ll find a job.” Then, at one point she says “My son a hero. I’m so proud”. Then later she’s upset that you’re banging Betty Rubble.

    Every path is the same every time, so far. I don’t know if you can find blondie on the final run of you go to the right place, but no way am I mapping it so I can figure it out. ;/ I suspect there’s no ending.

  4. Nicolau! OMG, I loved Marvel Brothel, it changed my life!

    For whatever that’s worth, I feel like this game has dated particularly bad for me – I can’t even play it anymore. I’m happy that it’s inspired other people to do better things, though (like every day the same dream for example).

  5. That’s interesting! To me, Pathways is still your best creation. Mainly because I think it has the perfect gift of “synthesis”. Since English is not my native language, I hope not much has been lost in the translation… Anyway, if I have to paraphrase this term, I’d say this game has a great amalgam and balance between the mean, the message and the length of the experience.

  6. This is a rather unusual and poignant work with genuine meaning behind it. I’m digging through your works currently, after playing VVVVVV, and they run the gamut from silly to… this. Keep up the excellent work.

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