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The Best Years of my Life

The Best Years of my Life is a game for two players, seated at one keyboard. Made in 48 hours for Mini Ludum Dare #10, which had the theme “Domestic Violence”.

Playing alone is not recommended. The game won’t make a lot of sense if you do.

Play it here!


VVVVVVVV previewed on Bytejacker

Last week Anthony sent me a message on Twitter asking about VVVVVVVV – so I sent him a link to the prototype! This week’s Bytejacker shows a few short glimpse of the game so far (at around the 3:10 mark) :

The preview shows the basic mechanic that the game’s built around, so don’t watch if you don’t want it spoiled!

Fun and all as it was to see him pronounce VVVVVVVV, I should probably have mentioned that the first five and last two “V”s are silent 🙂

Last week Bullet Time was on it too, in free indie rapid fire. Tim still seems to hold the best time, God rank at 2 minutes. I’m not sure that Martha rank is even possible.


Size Matters

Ok, maybe it’s not as complete as it, er, didn’t look. But it is starting to take shape! I’ve posted a quick non interactive proto, which sorta gives some idea of what I’m going for.

Think maybe I’ll give it another day. Maybe two. It’s been a while since I tried to make an RPG.


Big Hero Preview

Spent today working on a game for a contest over on FGL, but misjudged my time completely. I always end up doing that. 🙁

Earlier I thought I was just going to scrap the game I was working on, but now I kinda like where it’s going. Gonna spend tomorrow working on it, see what happens.

It’s more complete than it looks!

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Remember that something short and fun I mentioned in the last post? It’s going really well, but turns out it’s not as short as I thought it would be. Though that’s a good thing – this project is a lot of fun to work on!

The game’s called VVVVVVVV. I think I’m finally far enough along to post some screenshots:

I’ve already been working on it for about two weeks. I think maybe it’ll take another two, but hopefully not much longer.