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Blind Faith

I’m back from the World of Love conference! Speaking for a whole half an hour was a bit of a scary experience for me, but I think it went ok. I’ll post some more about that soonish. (Rock Paper Shotgun have a great writeup of the conference here!)

This weekend we also held a game jam in London! Here’s something I contributed to on the Sunday evening of the jam, called Blind Faith. It was the last three hour challenge of the weekend and I was kinda jammed out, so I just made a bunch of music, sound effects and 3D models for Richard Perrin so he could do something with them. I think it turned out pretty well!

I took it pretty easy in general over the weekend jam, but I did work on a few little things that I’ll eventually finish up and post. In particular I’ve probably spent just a little too long working on something called Vegetable Game…

This was a pretty intense month. Looking forward to things slowing down in July, and maybe having time to work on something a little bigger than the minigames I’ve been doing lately.


Going Forward

Not a jam game this time, just a little thing for Klik of the Month. Going forward is my first ever Ren’Py game!

Windows (11.8MB) | Mac (14.9MB) | Linux (11.3MB)


Bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonn- thunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk

Another TIGJam game complete! This one’s called Bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk, and was a collab with increpare for the theme Finnegans Wake.

[Play Online]


CB Squared

Here’s another little game from TIGJam UK 3! This one was for the theme “Photographs”, which had me kinda stumped.

It’s a Unity game and better played downloaded, if possible.

Windows (11.3MB) | OSX Universal (15.6MB)

[Play Online]


memrrtiks, suashem

Changed my mind about releasing all these jam games together: decided instead to just post them one by one as I finish them up. First up, memrrtiks, suashem!

[Play Online]


Please Finish Your Game

Without a doubt, this was the most intense jam I’ve ever been to. I ended up working on a total of eight games, only one of which I’ve managed to finish. And at this jam, all eight of my games were made for three hour challenges – compare that to Berlin last year, where only four of my games were made that way. (And I didn’t even do all the challenges this time!)

What I could, probably should do is just take a couple of hours tomorrow and finish up all the other games, but what I think I’d actually rather do is spend the next two weeks finishing up the games properly, maybe taking a day or two for each.

Here’s a few screenshots from the rest of my jam games:

Here’s the themes I used for my games, by the way : “The Dead“, “Finnegans Wake“, “Fish, Summertime and Heat“, “White Hole“, “Sega Dreamcast VMU“, “a game called Garden of Delight“, “Photographs“, and “Escape“. Try matching the screenshots to the themes! 😀

Most people were far better at finishing stuff than I was! Check out the rest of the games from the jam at the Official Cambridge Friendship Club website!


TIGJam Projects

TIGJam UK 3 is underway 🙂 I’m having lots of fun and working on cool stuff! Sadly I’ve yet to actually *finish* anything, so what I’m probably going to do is quickly finish up all my half finished games next week and release them all together. Here’s a few previews!


Oh no