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Positive Force

Been a while since I’ve made a VVVVVV post! Well, I’ve got two big pieces of news about it…

First up: VVVVVV is a finalist at the 2010 IndieCade Festival!

IndieCade is a festival for independent games held in Culver City, California (just outside Los Angeles), and VVVVVV is one of 32 finalists this year. It’s a real honour to be included, especially since previous finalists include games I admire hugely, like Train, Tuning and Machinarium. I’m hoping to make a special version of the game for exhibition at the event!


VVVVVV is now available on Steam. For less than $5.

Like they do with a lot of games, Steam are offering the game with a 10% discount for its first week, but as I’m sure visitors to this site are aware, this actually represents a far more dramatic price cut than that! That was a tough decision to make, especially since VVVVVV is my only source of income, but I know that the original price of $15 was off putting for a lot of people and I hope this means that more people will now be able to check it out 🙂

I’ve also updated the price from my fastspring store and the online version on Kongregate, and the price should also be updated on the other other Digital Distributors soon (GamersGate, Impulse, Direct2Drive, GetGames and GreenManGaming).

One last reminder: for new players looking for the soundtrack, it’s being sold separately by Souleye! You can get it on his website here: