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I ended up being really busy in September with non-game making stuff, but I’m still working on Nexus City!

Next week I’m taking a few days off to attend Indiecade! When I get back, though, this project is going to be my main focus until it’s finished. My other projects (the Ludum Dare RPG and TIGSource compo game), I’m putting on hold for a while.

Jonas and I only meant to spend about a week on this, but I guess we weren’t really taking the whole “it’s an RPG” thing into account. It is a relatively small project, though. Hopefully it won’t take too long before we can share it with you.


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  1. Anonymous on October 4th, 2010

    Just a quick question, will you be able to name your character? That’s always amusing to me, a game where BUMANDTITS is a child of destiny and saves the world from evil.

  2. Terry on October 4th, 2010

    That right there is pretty much why I hate naming characters in RPGs šŸ˜› I either end up lazily using my own name, which totally breaks the immersion when other characters start using it, or I name them something stupid or lame because hey, it’s not like you know anything about the character when you start or have any reason to assign them something appropriate.

    Anyway, no, you can’t name the characters in this.

  3. TJF588 on October 4th, 2010

    Whoa, wait, Jonas Kyratzes? Small Internet, though I suppose your name may’ve popped up over there before without me knowing who you were, what with only getting to VVVVVV recently.

    Still, jeez.

  4. kenmo on October 5th, 2010

    Well color me excited.

  5. PC on October 5th, 2010

    Good luck in LA – Need any help taking home the winnings??

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  7. JW on November 4th, 2010

    Oh wow! Hadn’t seen this yet, very pretty, love the colors.

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