Martze’s “Soul Searching” plays with a lot of cool ideas I haven’t seen explored in a VVVVVV level before. This one’s a little trickier than the other levels I’ve featured, but worth persevering with! It’s fun, polished, and extremely inventive.

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To play a VVVVVV player level, extract the .vvvvvv file into your VVVVVV levels folder. On windows, that should be in My Documents/VVVVVV, on Mac it’s Documents/VVVVVV, on Linux it’s ~/.vvvvvv

11 thoughts on “Featured VVVVVV level: “Soul Searching” by Martze”
  1. Absolutely brilliant level! I had almost as much fun as with the original levels. And the giant pushing platform was probably best thing in the whole level as it messed with player’s usual VVVVVV experience – it was like ‘naaah I won’t even kill you, puny human!’ and still it took me at least 20 tries to pass that room. So cool. And the ending, lol.

  2. Probably my favourite player level yet! Just the right side of challenging and very inventive. More of this sort of thing please!

  3. The thing I *really* thought was cool was the “shock hole” element. I wish I had come up with that …

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