It’s been a while since I gave an update on the 3DS version of VVVVVV, but we have some news – Nicalis submitted it to Nintendo a few days ago. Which means it’ll probably be out within a couple of weeks, fingers crossed!

I’m currently in Las Vegas, at Minecon with my game At a Distance. As it happened, there was an empty kiosk right next to me, so I cheekily asked if I could use it for VVVVVV 3DS. They were pretty awesome about it, even going so far as to print a banner đŸ˜€

Having a lot of fun out here! Will post something about it when I get back next week.

18 thoughts on “VVVVVV 3DS at Minecon”
  1. @Anonymous: Have you played VVVVVV? The whole point of the game is that you can flip upside down. The upside down sign was intentional.

  2. Dear Mr.’Anonymous’
    The poster is NOT upside down. The poster is made that way because of what the game is. You play as a little character and speed through levels while also avoiding the ‘VVVVVVVV’s

  3. yooohoooooooooo

    btw minecraft 4 3Ds sounds like awesomeness cuz the touchpen would make handy as crap for that game.

  4. man i would so love vvvvvvv on the dreamcast. do a limited release, people including me would buy the shit out of it.

    totally love the no-fi thing, kind of an mspaint odyssey with existential themes. kinda reminds me of blaze the pot smoking deer and stuff. keep it up.

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