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  1. Oh man, congratulations! I’m impressed that you managed to get this of all things a public release. It’s great that more people will get the chance to try this now.

    I’ll have to rope two friends into playing this (while I watch slyly and try my best not to give them hints), so I can see how it’s changed since No Quarter.

  2. I’ve started playing it solo, which seems to work. Nice and unique effort here, Terry. Can I pass the left and right brains separately by myself… is that how it works?

  3. Feryl, it works if you do it that way, it’s certainly possible. You’ll have to switch back and forth a lot. But I STRONGLY recommend waiting until you can get someone to play it with you. The experience just isn’t the same without the collaboration aspect. That’s what the game was MADE for.

    Working side-by-side, looking at each other’s screens, trying to figure out how their two worlds correlate.

  4. Excellent! Now to find a way to properly play this… You wouldn’t mind coming over and setting this up, would you?

    Ah, lovely, you’re too kind Terry. I’ll bake a cake then!

  5. Congratulations, Terry, At A Distance is astonishing. I found the process of playing it nightmarish, but I couldn’t tear myself away from it. Like one of those dreams you have where you need to run away but your legs don’t move at full speed. My only regret was not being able to experience the sound too. Oh and not finishing it as well.

    PS please consider the “oh no, I’ve been collaborating with Hitler” twist ending

  6. “At a Distance is now playable”

    I’ve almost had an heart attack: tears of joy on my face! I’m searching for a friend to play with (although the will to play it now is kinda big)!

    You’re great, Terry, it’s thanks to you that i’m involved into Game developing…

    …And sorry for my bad english, i’m italian =)

    Sei un grande, Terry Cavanagh! Great!

  7. So my girlfriend and I sat down with some whiskey to play this last night and it was fantastic! The whole game was incredibly rewarding for both of us. Finishing it cooperatively was very gratifying.

    Thanks for making a game my girlfriend could enjoy learning WASD in, by the way. =D

  8. Came across this game by chance, just finished playing it with a friend over the net, we were on VoIP, but I think having to describe the room you’re in was part of the fun. (although not intended.)

    That ‘Ah-Ha!’ moment when we both figured out what was going on, brilliant!

    Thank you for a facinating evening, we both really enjoyed it! I’m definately keeping an eye on anything else you release.

  9. Loved it. Got my wife to play it, although she’s not a gamer I think she actually enjoyed it somewhat 🙂

    PS is there no actual “ending,” besides the game starting over?

  10. Thanks, all 🙂 Sorry for not responding sooner, let me catch up on a few comments now:

    @Oh noes – I’d love to make a linux version! It’s built in Unity, though, so there’s not a lot I can do about that until Unity is ported to Linux…

    @Dark Acre Jack – Nope, the poster is by Rachel Elm, who also does the brill posters for NYU Game Center!

    @Andrew Sherrin – Thank you so much! Really glad you enjoyed it, and cheers again for coming out to the launch 🙂

    @Andrew Dublin – Might do a blog post early next week 🙂

    @Rubba – Cheers! It’s really interesting to hear that it works at all over VoIP 🙂

    @Corey – There are a few different things that can happen at the end, but in all of them, the game loops (there’s no “end” screen, both screens just fade to a single colour).

  11. Hey Terry! I’ve sent you an email about a week ago.

    Have you got it? I’m afraid you didn’t. 😡

    I’d love hearing back from you!

    Thanks! 🙂

  12. Completely awesome!!!!
    I played this several times, trying to do all combination in the big room, trying to find an ending, but, in the end, we saw that there was none. But, in the end, the trip was extremely worth it. Sincere congratulation!! 🙂

    I Love this game,

    P.S. :…and I played this with each of my friends 🙂

  13. love this game !!! played it with my father. much yelling to be had 🙂

    Maybe I’ll try to explore it splitscreen on my own, later. It felt like it ended quite abruptly for us, and there’s more that I (left brain) could have explored.

    Enjoyed it very much. Thanks ♥

  14. completely doesn’t work on macOS High Sierra. Crashes on launch.

    I received the following message in the system.log file:

    com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (unity.Terry Cavanagh.At a Distance.14204[8000]): Service exited with abnormal code: 255

  15. @AgentBasey That really sucks :/ There’s virtually nothing I can do about that now, since the game was built in a very old version of Unity. I guess I just have to remove Mac as a platform. Sorry!

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