I’ve started a new project! It’s a blog called Free Indie Games, which I hope to update regularly.

When I started making games as a full time thing, most of the sites I read were blogs that covered lots of cool and experimental freeware games. It was really exciting for me at the time, to see that sorta thing happening around me, to see so many people doing things with this medium that I’d never seen before. Being part of that hugely influenced the sorta games I work on now.

I think that’s still happening, but things have changed, as they do. The sites I used to read have changed their focus. And that’s cool, but I feel like something’s missing now. I want there to be somewhere out there which just focuses on the awesome little experimental games that got me into this in the first place – so, I started something.

I’m intentionally keeping it pretty simple – the site is literally just screenshots and links to stuff I find interesting. Hopefully you’ll find it worthwhile, though.

I’ve started the site off by posting about some cool freeware games I’ve played recently. Check it out at https://www.freeindiegam.es.

13 thoughts on “Free Indie Games”
  1. “just focuses on the awesome little experimental games”

    Those are the best kind! 🙂
    But I am not sure about the title, “Free Indie Games” does not really encapsulate “little experimental games” to me.

  2. Ill keep an eye on that site Terry, perhaps some of my upcoming games will feature!!! Oh, happy St. Patrick’s day! And sorry that At a Distance didn’t win but hey, to get nominated is awesome.

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