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Day 1, Mostly tech #7dfps

So, day one is over, and I’m pretty much on schedule! That’s nice for a change 😀

This project demands quite a bit of tech work before I can even start making the actual game, so today I figured the best thing I could do would be to get as much of that out of the way as possible. The less time I spend doing tech stuff in this compo overall, the better.

I’ve got something now that’s working reasonably ok – I’ve got maps with doors which bring me to new areas, I’ve got moving entities that you can shoot at, I’ve got a simple raycaster style engine with variable heights – nothing very fancy, but I think it’s enough to put together the game I’ve got in my head.

Tomorrow I’m going to get started on the game itself. Should have more to say about that then…


Preparing for #7dfps

I got the new version of Hexagon pretty much stable last weekend, so I decided to take a little time off to do something else. 7dFPS! I’ve been really psyched up for this challenge since JW started talking about it on twitter months ago – I’ve had a very particular FPS game idea stuck in my head for years now, and I see this as an opportunity to finally get it out.

I’m not starting from scratch; I spent a lot of time this weekend struggling with a flash 3D library called Alternativa – which is pretty awesome, all things considered. I’ve got it to the point where I can walk around a simple 3D enviornment and have other entities hanging around, but that’s basically it so far. The actual game content, I’ll get started on tomorrow. I’ve still got a lot of tech work to do if this idea is going to work out…

The challenge starts tomorrow. Expect daily updates, and more details soon! 🙂


There is only the Hexagon #ScreenshotSaturday

I spent most of this week struggling to get a particular game mode working, which wasn’t much fun. A few days ago I made a fairly dramatic change to it, and it felt like it was going to work out – but no matter how much I tweak it, the pink “super fast mode” never really felt like much fun to play. So, I scrapped it.

I’m done with content, and I’ve moved onto polish. My focus now is on getting the three remaining core game modes to be as good as possible. This is getting pretty close to completion!


Perfect twelve sided hexagon

I’ve been working on a couple of extra stages for this Hexagon thing, as sort of spin-off variations with slight rule tweaks. In the one pictured above, I was trying to take advantage of the 3D camera to make a mode which used a low angle to allow you see see quite far ahead, but also meant that you had to deal with much faster waves, like a racing game. It wasn’t quite working, though.

Today, I tried adding something a bit random – half sized walls. This completely transforms this game mode! Before, I was limited in only having a clear view of three segments ahead of you, which doesn’t leave much room for interesting challenges. Now, you can see six! I think this mode is going to work out. 🙂

Been at this game for a month now. Yikes!


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