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    Great game, only thing is when I’m playing on my android phone, the screen is about twice as long sideways as it is vertical. That makes it nearly impossible on the last level (when it’s not spinning) to see when there’s a hole on the top or bottom and not anywhere else. Changing the resolution to show more of the top and bottom would be helpful, or just turning the hexagon 30 degrees. Thanks!

  2. I LOVE this game!!! Im realy love it. Why it is not on the windows phone? WHY?! Please make a Super Hexagon on window phone. PLEASE!

  3. Your game is amazing, superbly designed, and horribly hard.
    What did you make this game with?
    I’m just venturing into the world of game making, and would like to know what you used, how it all came together, and how you time the music.

  4. I like this game. Its creativity and hardness makes me want to play it all the time. I have some recommendations too: 1. When you replay the ending of the game, it starts with the part where the hexagon doesn’t spin, then play the ending after the player dies. This made the ending more realistic compare too the real one. 2. A mode called “Hyper Hyper hexagon” should be added. It is the part you reach when you got 60s on Hyper hexagon. So if you add it, you need to reorganize the spinning speed. After you got 60s on this mode, you still came to Hyper hexagoner, but the color of the hexagon change slowly (The music and the rotating speed change slowly too). When you got 60s on Hyper Hyper hexagonest, the color of the hexagon will flip (black change to white, white change to black) and the sensitivity and the speed of shapes coming got faster.

    1. For the first recommendation:
      If it’s really going to be added to the game, I guess the author willIf it really had to be added to the game, I guess the author would have added the first ending (If it really had to be added to the game, I guess the author would have added the first ending (in hexagonestIf it was really added to the game, I guess the author would have added the first ending (after normal hexagonest) cause it allows the first ending to be played again, which would only happen once and if you start with the second ending, This conflicts with “Hyper Hyper hexagon” mode.

      Supplement the second recommendation:
      I’m happy that you’re thinking what I’m thinking!
      This mode should enable at the player complete the all hyper stages (complete the game). It could be renamed the “junction stage” or the “bonus stage”. In order to be able to select these stages in the stage selection menu, add a hint at the top of the interface to indicate that you can push up stages by pressing Shift. The six stages will then be upgraded a level:
      1. hexagon -> hyper hexagon
      2. hexagoner -> hyper hexagoner
      3. hexagonest -> hyper hexagonest
      4. hyper hexagon -> bonus hexagon
      5. hyper hexagoner -> bonus hexagoner
      6. hyper hexagonest -> bonus hexagonest
      This follows the principle of six sides and six stages of the hexagon in original game.

      These stages of the play page, the text “Time” or “Hyper Mode” on the left side of the timer changed to “Load Progress” because these stages cannot be played directly in the original game.

      All in all, this content really improves the game experience.

  5. I had a bug in iOS version
    When I reached 60 seconds on level 3 the game brought me to the level 6 and I died in 2 seconds and it said the game is complete

  6. Play on Android. Hexagon 63:30, best time; Hexagoner 94:21, best time; Hexagonest 51:59, best time. I think this game unites ones left and right brain into a unified functioning super-consciousness. After I master the Hexagonest level, along with Hardester 87:03, best time and Hardestest 61:14, I think that I may be able to move objects with my mind and perhaps even fly. Definitely the most difficult and rewarding game I have ever played.

  7. Hexagon 63:30, best time; Hexagoner 94:21, best time; Hexagonest: 51:59, best time; Hardester 87:03, best time; Hardestest 61:14. This game unifies the “left and right brains” into one super-functioning super-conscriousness. After I master Hexagonest, I think I may be on my way to moving objects with my mind and perhaps even flying! (Hopefully there is yet another level). Definitely the most difficult, addictive, and rewarding game I have ever played. (Hearing the “Game Over!” everytime makes me more determined to improve!

  8. turned off my phone to save pwr b4 i left for a long time right? when i get back on the game’s UI is broken and it is either small or misplaced. I also noticed that all of my saves were gone.Mad at first but i checked my scores on google and was lucky. Strangley enough whats funny is that lately i beat the first level and now it says i havent but it still lets me play hyper hexagon. No hax…

  9. Please make super hexagon 2!!!! Great game and very good music by chipsel! Thanks to Terry Kavanagh and chipsel!!! and PPLLEEAASSEE!! make VVVVVV 2!!!!!!!!

  10. Amazing game.
    the best part of this game is the fact that you can start on ‘hexagon’ normal mode, and get to the end black and white part after hexagonest hyper mode
    best time on hexagon: 356.09
    best time on HExagonest Hypermode: 187.45

  11. Hey Terry Cavanagh,

    Can you make Super Hexagon II?
    If so, can you make a level builder and some bonus stages?
    It would be awesome to upload your own Super Hexagon levels/stages!

    Love, Chipzel and TheAwesomeGamer129

  12. I really love this game. I have bought it on steam and on my phone too, but on the latest android devices it is not at all optimised. After about 20 rounds the music/sound goes away and starts to stutter massively. I have to restart my phone to be able to game normally again. Could you release a bug/performance improvement update for it on android? Cheers, Adam

  13. Guys just download this game. It’s literally the best game for boredom I’ve ever seen in my life! Just dowload it!

  14. Hey! I’ve taken it down from the play store because it’s broken in the latest version of android, but if you’ve already gotten it you should still have access, right?

  15. If you have it installed you can still play it, but it’s impossible to redownload from the store if you own it and say, have to recover your phone and don’t have your apps backed up.

  16. Hey Terry is there any way of fixing this for the new version of Android with an update?

    So bummed this was my top game of all time and very sad that it won’t play on my new phone…

  17. Hello Terry,

    unfortunately even having the APK doesn’t solve the problem.

    I bought the game from HumbleBundle waaay back, tried installing it today and I can’t see any text in the game.

    I snapped a few screens to demonstrate:

  18. Hi, i love this game and i still playing but the lag is very annoying, can you please update the game to fix those bugs with new Android versions?

  19. In my opinion, Super Hexagon is one of the greatest, purest games I’ve ever played. The essence of what makes a (really, really) good game.

    I hope it gets fixed for Android–I know that’s easier said than done, but I keep my fingers crossed.

  20. Played a preview of this game years ago and couldn’t stop thinking about it… finally bought it a few weeks ago and it has absorbed my free time ever since, and will for the foreseeable future. Thanks for making such a fun game!

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