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By Terry Sep 25, 2012

(Thanks to molleindustria for the gif!)
Super Hexagon continues to be a never ending whirlwind, and shows no signs of slowing down! So I thought it might be nice to do a quick round up of everything that’s going on:

– I’m just back from Fantastic Arcade 2012 in Austin Texas, where Super Hexagon won the festival’s Audience Choice Award! This was an incredible event that I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say about as soon as I’ve gotten over the jetlag.

– On Thursday night, I’m heading to London, where Super Hexagon is part of the third Wild Rumpus line up! Some of the world’s greatest Super Hexagon players will be there to take part in a live tournament!

– Super Hexagon will also be playable live at this year’s Indiecade, as part of one of the night game parties!

Finally, just to answer a question I’m getting asked a lot on twitter: Yes, I’m working on an Android version! Yes, I’m working on PC and MAC versions! I don’t know when these things will be ready, but I promise to keep you posted!

Oh, also, yes, I’m planning to update the game to add support for the new iPhone 5 resolution!

Thank you all for playing!

12 thoughts on “Wonderful”
  1. I love the game!

    I know it’s trivial and definitely a low-to-non priority, but any chance of an update for the iPhone 5? I’m bad and I die when my fingers tap the letterboxed areas.

  2. I volunteered at the FF Arcade and with 2 days of intermittent play I was very happy to get up to 64 seconds (on the easiest mode, I am only human). Loved playing it on a cabinet as well. Cannot wait until the PC release and congrats on the audience choice award.

  3. Thank you Terry, for your great games.

    Well I have a small friendly complaint… I’m not sure why you would not make Super Hexagon portable in the first place, and release it for everyone at once, using e.g. SDL (iOS / Android / PC / Mac / Linux)

    I’m a little sad that I have not been able to play Super Hexagon from the beginning. Apple owners have already become world champions, while we other 2nd-class people are waiting to start!

    I’m not quite keen enough to buy an Apple device just to play your game. I did think about it, it’s by far the strongest reason I can come up with. But I dislike Apple for various reasons, and don’t want to support them at this stage.

    Anyway enough complaints! I guess you have good reasons to release it for Apple devices first, perhaps you can make more money that way.

    I wish you the best of success, and look forward to buying your game when you release it for PC – I would prefer Linux!

  4. Hey! I was obsessed with your flash game, I don’t own any iOS devices but I’m so excited for the release on Android/Mac/PC :D. I’m curious though: what did you use to make Super Hexagon? And what’s the process for porting the iOS game to Android?

  5. Looks like Version 1.2 just hit iTunes. It adds iPhone 5 optimization along with fixing the save file issue Version 1.1 added.

    As someone who’s played Super Hexagon on someone else’s 3GS, I can say that it’s so hard to go back to the flash version’s controls on arrow keys, largely because the touch controls are so smooth and well-fitting. I’m hoping Super Hexagon on PC/Mac (and maybe Linux?) will have some form of control customization- I can tell you personally that if I’m playing StepMania on keyboard, I tend to stick to a home row of DFJK so I can use both index and middle fingers. Something along the same lines might be F for left and J for right.

    I’m definitely looking forward to all future version of Super Hexagon and anything else you can come up with, Mr. Cavanagh. Keep up the awesome work. 😀

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