Surprise! Super Hexagon is now available for the new Blackberry 10! This wasn’t originally something I had lined up – the opportunity to do it just sorta came along.

Basically, Laurence Muller, who ported the C++ openFrameworks version of the game to Android, has an interest in Blackberry – he maintains the unofficial Blackberry port of openFrameworks. So when Blackberry came along and asked us to do the port, we figured, let’s give it a shot!

If you’ve got one of these fancy new Blackberry 10 devices, you can get it from here, or the store on your device. (A playbook version is also a possibility at a later date.) Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Super Hexagon now Available for Blackberry 10”
  1. While this is an absolut delight and I’m very happy about this release, especially since I can now enjoy my most favorite mobile game on my BB10 device, I must say I am quite suprised about the picture of this post. Bananas, something delicious and supposedly apples? Great scenery, atleast it’s healthy and I salute to that.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I’m curious about how much work this actually took. I understand BB10, like the Playbook, support Android apps. Was this basically a device compatibility check (i.e. to ensure assets load and display properly), or did it require a lot of new code?

    (I’m unfamiliar with BB development so I’ve wondered about this for quite a while..)

  3. It plays well on the Z10 (input lag = low, unlike the Nexus 4 which is about 4x worse than the already bad Nexus 7) but it loses progress 100% of the time I close the game. Does not close immediately on exit, probably getting terminated by the OS for taking too long. Are you maybe trying to do Score Loop operations then?

  4. Sorry about that!This wasn’t happening on our dev alphas for whatever reason, so we didn’t know about it until the bug reports started coming in! We’re working on a fix.

  5. Sorry, a windows 8 phone port is really unlikely, unless somebody makes an openframeworks add on or something (and even then, I couldn’t promise anything)!

  6. Question: Why is the BB10 port of super hexagon such large download(131MB)? All other ports are under 30MB.

    Great game, I play super hexagon everywhere and on all my devices 🙂

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