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The game over screen, featuring broken items important to the game – a mask, a sword, a potion bottle.

Here’s something that really sucks about the way I approach making games: a lot of things I work on don’t work out. Like, for every game I finish, there are five or six unfinished ones, in some cases games I’ve spent weeks or even months on.

When those games are just mine, it’s sad, but I just accept it as part of my creative process – failed projects sometimes become the core of something new and better. It’s just what works for me, for better or worse.

When one of those projects is a collaboration, though, it’s different.

My game with Cristian Ortiz didn’t work out. 🙁 Essentially the design just wasn’t as deep as I had hoped when I initially prototyped it, and we got carried away and let the thing grow huge and way out of proportion. We ended up with something that was gonna take months to finish, and probably wasn’t a strong enough idea to be worth that kind of time.

With solo projects, I rarely announce when they don’t work out. But since this was a collaboration, and a project we worked on for several months on and off, I think it’s important to mark it. Partially just to have some closure, but mostly because Cris did a bunch of amazing work for the game and I really want people to see it:

The Hollow Templar! A mini-boss that was supposed to be half way through the game.

A gif of some combat!( Some of the GUI stuff was placeholder)

A skeleton enemy. To be honest, I just really like Skeletons. Wanna make a skeleton game at some point…

The main character. The mask lets him see things that other people can’t see.

Another gameplay gif, blocking an attack.

A frog enemy. Part of the concept meant that all the enemies needed to be non-human.

Various items found around the monastery.

Working with Cris was an absolute pleasure – I’m hoping we’ll end up working on something else in the future!