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Seven more days: Day 7

Day 7! Here it is! Very buggy, incomplete, etc etc etc. I’m going to poke at it over the next couple of weeks, aiming to finish it up before the new year. Let me know what you think!

[Play Online (Newgrounds Preview)]

[edit: this game is now finished! get it here!]


Seven more days: Day 5


Day 5! Trying to wrap everything up now. Spent most of today adding new room types to the generator and fleshing out the floors I’ve done so far. Turns out I made some pretty useable tools for this last year! I’m up to the 12th floor now.

After thinking it through today, I think 15 floors + a boss floor might work better than 20. 20 floors is long enough to suggest needing some sort of shortcut system for repeated plays, while 16 is manageable in a single run – and I think it makes more sense to keep it short and snappy and replayable. Also, conveniently, it gives me 4 less floors to design, which is nice.

So it seems likely at this point that I will be posting something playable here on Sunday night, which is great, but don’t expect it to be completely “finished”. I think I like this game too much to just throw it out into the world arbitrarily – so I’m planning a week or two of public playtesting! Look forward to seeing what people make of this!


Seven more days: Day 4


Past the half way mark now. Got a lot to do over the next couple of days!

My rough plan for the game is to make a tower of stuff that’s 20 floors high, with four different stages every fifth floor. I’m taking it one floor at a time, and so far I’m up to floor 9. I’m trying to get up to floor 20 as quickly as I can, and get the frame of the game built – then, I’ll go back down and fill in the rough patches!


Seven more days: Day 3

Day 3! Things are a still too shaky to share a playable build, but I took a video of the first five levels in the game so far!

There’s a bunch of weird code in this game I don’t understand anymore – and that means lots and lots of weird level generation bugs that I have no hope of understanding. So the main thing I did today was to add an AI director for the game.

Once a floor has been generated for the player, the AI director takes over! It makes decisions like “That door goes nowhere, let’s scrap it”, or “You haven’t found a weapon in a while, maybe you should find one on this floor!” or just “opps, this level is impossible, let’s make a different one”. Probably going to be giving it a lot more to do by the end of the project – it’s a lot easier than trying to fix the generator at this point.

Main design change of the day: I’m trying an even simpler version of the weapons/item system where everything is single use. The game’s more fun when you’re underpowered anyway.

Tomorrow, the next five floors!

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