Hello everyone! New build v0.7 of Dicey Dungeons is up!

So. For nearly three months, I’ve been working on this thing. And it’s still early days.


I believe Dicey Dungeons is shaping up to be one of my best games.

So, it’s time I made some decisions about where this is going!

In order to tell everyone about it, I have conducted the following interview with myself! My Dice mascot will be asking the questions. Here goes!

Are you going to sell this game, or is this another free thing?

I’m going to sell it! Dicey Dungeons will be my third commercial game.

Ok! What platforms?

I’m probably going to initially release the game on Steam. After that, I’m going to look into doing mobile releases on iPhone and Android shortly afterwards.

How big is this game going to get? How much work is left?

There are currently three playable classes in the game. In the final build, I’m hoping to do six in total. Six seems to be a lucky number for me.

You can also expect the final build to have a LOT more polish, much better balance and a lot more content. Once I have the six final classes, my focus will be on making those as good as they can be.

I’m expecting the project to take another three months or so, so you can expect the final version later this year!

Is it just you, or are you going to work with other people?

This project will be a collaboration! I’m very soon going to be teaming up with an artist and a musician to bring everything together.

I’ve already found an amazing musician for the project (more on that soon), and am currently searching for the right artist. (more on that soon too.)

Are you going to continue releasing public builds?

Good question! Since this is going to be commercial, at a certain point it makes sense to stop releasing builds of the game for free. I’m not really sure when that point should be, but probably before I have all six classes in there. So, probably within the next month or so.

It’s been amazing, sharing builds every two weeks, warts and all. One of the big reasons this whole thing has been going so well is because that process is so good, and because I’ve lucked into an amazing community of people (on my discord, here!) who are playing each update, and giving me amazing feedback on it. Everyone who’s been part of that community before this blog post will be getting a free copy of the game, as a tiny gesture of appreciation.

Are you ever going to have non six sided dice? How about d20s?


13 thoughts on “Dicey Decisions”
  1. Wow! I was hoping this one would get the full treatment! I got obsessed with the demo!

    I’d love to do art for a game like this. Let me know what you’d need from me to apply! I’ll continue to check here and twitter! (I’m @z_bill there)

  2. DUDE, fantastic! Best of luck going forward with this!

    I didn’t even realize the correlation with this game and the number six yet another time. I really love that. 😀

  3. “I believe Dicey Dungeons is shaping up to be one of my best games.”

    I completely agree! And thanks for the free copy – that’s very generous of you!

  4. Love your games Terry. Came here from reddit and i am excited to hear there is a new game coming out.
    Good luck!

  5. Loving the concept. Still needs some polish.

    I was playing as the inventor, and after battles, chose to upgrade some currently-equipped weapons, and it seems like they just disappeared from my inventory entirely.

  6. Gameplay commentary: The enemy AI seems a bit daft. I was against a Banshee that had two 6 rolls, and I had 12 hit points remaining. It chose to use one of its 6’s to silence me, rather than dealing 6 damage two times, which would have killed me.

  7. Really enjoying the game.

    Things to consider, I had a skeleton use a two handed sword and shield against me. Since, it only had two arms I presume it is a bug?

    Performance, is really choppy if I do not use 30fps mode.

    Firefox 60.0.1 Windows 7

  8. Love your games Terry. Came here from reddit and i am excited to hear there is a new game coming out.
    Good luck!

  9. If it means funding a musician able to match or exceed SoulEye and Chipzel, I’m entirely supporting a commercial release, and I’ll buy it the day it’s out.
    But damn, they’ll have a tough job to do!
    As for the game, I’m in love with it since v0.2 so no question about that 🙂

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