Hey hey! Time for another Dicey news post. What’s been happening lately?

Hey, we’re on twitter

Did you know we had a twitter account? I made it ages ago and kinda forgot about it for a while, but recently Niamh, Marlowe and I have all been making more of an effort to actually use it and post interesting stuff about the game and what we’re working on. Check it out here if you’re interested!

Dicey Dungeons world tour

If you’re wondering what’s taking so long with v0.17, it’s mostly this: We went on tour! We showed the game at three shows in a row, back to back – GDC, PAX East, and then EGX Rezzed in London, trying to tell everyone we could about our little dice game.

(People warned me that PAX East was the big one and YIKES they weren’t kidding. It was great, though!)

I kinda enjoyed doing the whole convention thing a lot more than I expected to, tbh – but it’s pretty draining. It took me a week or so to really get back to feeling normal afterwards. I feel super proud of our little team for managing to pull this world tour thing off, though.

There are mods for Dicey Dungeons now

Since v0.16 rolled around, Dicey Dungeons modding has started to take off in a big way! I’d like to bring your attention to two in particular:

More Fluff by Jackeea: Adds more than 100+ new pieces of equipment into the existing episodes of the game!

Megaquest by TheMysticSword: Adds 11 new quests to the game!

Both of these are a work in progress, but they’re already super fun! Go check em out!

Let’s play Dicey Dungeons

Since I last did a news update, Dicey Dungeons has really taken off on youtube and twitch! I watch a lot of videos of the game, and in particular I’d like to highlight the following people who’ve been doing great series lately:

Angory Tom has posted more than a dozen videos of the game now, including recently some videos of some of the stranger episodes like You Choose, You Lose and The Inevitability of Rust. His videos are tightly edited and great to watch – I particularly loved the Witch run from the embedded video above!

Retromation’s amazing series is at 46 videos and counting – including multiple attempts at some of the really hard episodes, like Classic Hard Mode Robot. I particularly liked this recent attempt at Expect the Unexpected – but then, I just love it when people play Witch. She’s the best character both to play as, and to watch.

I’ve also been enjoying Olexa’s series on the game, now 17 episodes in. Olexa is pretty great at narrating what he’s thinking, and as a maybe slightly less hardcore player, he’s pretty fun to watch and cheer for!

We’re working on v0.17, and the final version

I’ve mentioned this in the notes for the last update – but the next alpha will also be the *last* alpha. There won’t be a v0.18 – this is it. After v0.17, the next version is gonna be v1.0, and we’re finally gonna launch this thing for real. It’s pretty exciting!

I hadn’t planned to make the next alpha a big one – mostly I wanted it to be a “stable”, reliable build. Still, it seems like I couldn’t help myself – there is a bunch of exciting new stuff coming soon, including redesigned hard modes, more episodes, and a bunch of new music and art. That hopefully should be ready sometime in the next few weeks!

After that: we just have to finish the game. It’s so close now!

The alpha is coming to an end

I usually end these news posts with a boilerplate reminder that you can wishlist us on steam (you can, right here!), or buy the alpha at a discount on itch.io (right here!), but I have one extra thing to say this time: the alpha won’t be around forever. Sometime shortly after v0.17, we’ll be bringing the alpha to an end, and focusing all of our energy on having a big big launch. If you’ve already gotten it on itch, you’ll still be able to play, of course, but after the alpha ends, it won’t be on sale for a while.

I think the game’s an absolute bargain right now at $7.50, so if you haven’t already, grab it while you still can!

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