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Seven Day Roguelike, Day 6

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Day 6! I’m not actually entering the contest anymore, but I figured I’d try to keep up the momentum until the challenge was over. I don’t care about the deadline, I’m finishing this one.

There were basically two ideas that I had going into this thing – a theme idea, which I’m still pretty far from implementing, and a mechanic idea, which I finally implemented today. The mechanic idea isn’t anything complex – I don’t particularly like the back and forth nudging-into-each-other combat that’s at the heart of most roguelikes. I wanted to try approaching it differently, so I figured, let’s make a roguelike that’s all about ranged combat instead. I wanted to try making a roguelike where close combat is really dangerous and rare, and where you did everything you could to avoid it.

Funnily enough, I thought it was the theme idea, not the mechanic idea, that would prevent me from getting this done in seven days, but I’m six days in and I’ve only now implemented ranged combat 🙁 Oh well.

One day left. Hoping I can piece together some actual content before tomorrow night, if only for myself.


Seven Day Roguelike, Day 5


Was feeling a bit sick today, so I didn’t get much work done. At least managed to do some new graphics, though!


Seven Day Roguelike, Day 4

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Day 4 – I think this is the last day I’m considering this game a 7 day roguelike entry. Today wasn’t especially productive – just added some gui stuff, and support for more complex types of attacks.

Overall, though, the game is actually going really well – I think I’ve got something cool on my hands here. Unfortunately, it’s now really really obvious that I’m not going to be anywhere close to finished by Friday night. So I’m out. Still planning to finish the game though, just not for the contest – right now I’m just hoping to manage to finish this before IGF!

Maybe next year I’ll just stick to ASCII and spend more time working on the interesting stuff, heh.

All that said, the deadline has been useful for making progress, so I guess I’ll continue with these check ins until then and see what I manage to make by the end of the week…

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Seven Day Roguelike, Day 3

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Day three: very productive day. My game now has basic combat, stats and inventory. Feeling overwhelmed with enthusiasm for the project, but frustrated that I’m still so far away from implementing the ideas that are inspiring all this.

It already feels like a game that’s going to take longer than it’s deadline to see through, and I know from experience what happens to projects like that 🙁 For the moment, though, I think I can continue to delude myself.


Seven Day Roguelike, Day 2


Day two, other things going on so only slight progress today. I gutted parts from several other unfinished games to give myself some fun new features – textboxes, scripting, and proper pathfinding.

Tomorrow I intend to start combat! I have a vague 7-day plan that would require combat to be finished by Tuesday evening…

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Seven Day Roguelike, Day 1


So, I’m making something for 7 day roguelike. This compo has an uncanny knack for clashing with other things, so this is the first year I’ve ever actually been able to do it!

I think this game is about the places I visit in dreams, but I’m not really sure yet.


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