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Dog Game


Working on something for this weekend’s Ludum Dare – not sure if it’s gonna go anywhere…


Ludum Dare 24

Still exhausted from TIGJAM UK? Tough! We’re having another meetup in Cambridge this month for Ludum Dare 24! See here to sign up:

Hope to see you there!


Ludum Dare 22: End of Day 2

Looks like I’m throwing in the towel. My game is playable, but isn’t anywhere close to finished, and I don’t really want to submit it as is. Might finish it up in the next few days if I have the time.


Ludum Dare 22: Day 2, 6:30pm

Ludum Dare is going well! Just ran a server test of my new game on twitter. It’s supposed to be a two player online multiplayer game, but there was a bug where people can keep joining a room and occupying the second cat, causing it to go spastic. Hmm.

I’m very into this idea now, but I suspect it might be a little ambitious for the remaining time. At least I’ve managed to do most of the really hard technical bits now – I might finish it up before Christmas.


Ludum Dare 22: End of day 1

I ended up spending most of today trying to get a network library working in Flashdevelop. Which didn’t really leave me with enough time to make the game I wanted to make this weekend, so I decided to spend the rest of the evening just trying to make the Player IO networking stuff work well with my framework. Look, there’s a lobby system now!

Now that I have this stuff working so nicely, I’ll have a think about what else I might be able to use it for tomorrow instead.


Ludum Dare 22: Day 1, 7pm



Ludum Dare 22: Day 1, like, six or seven hours in

Alright, awesome! I think I’m got a handle on this flash networking stuff, at least well enough for this project. Now maybe I can actually make a start on the game itself…


Ludum Dare 22: Day 1, 4 hours in

Making a game for Ludum Dare! It’s stupidly ambitious, but whatever, I’m in a stupidly ambitious mood this weekend.

It depends on flash networking. Using PlayerIO, but haven’t quite got it working yet.


Untitled Nyxgame

Not even trying to do this as a Ludum Dare game anymore. I don’t care, I’m finishing this one properly – I can’t bear to scrap yet another project right now! This year I feel like I’ve just been working on one big project after another, so taking a week out to work on something small like this is doing me a lot of good. Can’t believe I hadn’t posted a minigame since February!

I’m excited about how this one is shaping up. It’s ended up being very informed by another old abandoned project of mine called Myosotis, which is a game I never expected to revisit.

Shouldn’t take much longer.


LD21: Update 3 (2:00am)

This is looking less like a compo game and more like a jam game, especially since I spent most of the day on that Klik of the Month RPG. But that’s ok! I really like the direction that this one is headed in.


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