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BIGJam, Game 7 out of 8: Deterministica

Absolutely the best thing I worked on last weekend 🙂 Here’s the description I posted on Kongregate:

This is something I’ve wanted to try for ages, and at about 4am after a night out in Berlin a few of us at the BIGJam made it happen. The game’s really short, and mostly improvised on the spot by a group of very drunk lads. Hope you can enjoy it for what it is, Kongregate 🙂

Click here to play it on Kongregate!

(there is possibly an issue with the preloader that I’m looking at as a result of it being such a big game (over 8 megs!) – if it doesn’t start up, try refreshing)


BIGJam, Game 6 out of 8: Nanny ZERO

Took a slightly different tact on this one – this was a collab with Stephen Lavelle for the last 3 hour jam, with the dual themes “Reality TV” and “White Trash Fast Food”. We went for Reality TV! This time around all I basically did was help brainstorm the idea and then spend the rest of the 3 hours slowly working on the graphics – for the hell of it I tried out this interlacing thingy with a high contrast palette. Dunno how well it worked, really, but I think it looks interesting if nothing else.

This one’s made in C++ with Allegro.

Windows (6MB)
OSX 10.5+ (intel) (6MB)
Source (8KB)


BIGJam, Game 8 out of 8: Airplane Adventures 2 – The Return

I’m back from Berlin. That was lots and lots of fun 🙂

Didn’t quite manage my unrealistic goal of creating 10 games, but I got pretty close. I’ve got eight! Four I’ve posted already; two still need to be finished off, I’ll probably post both of those before tomorrow evening – another was coded by Stephen, who hasn’t done a windows port yet. And here’s the last one:

To round the event off, I made this on the flight back: It’s called Airplane Adventures 2: The Return.

Play it here!


BIGJam, Game 3 out of 8: DAS PÜZZELSPIELEN

My favourite of my four BIGJam games so far! 🙂 Four more to go!

I think I like this one enough to add it as a minor game. [edit: actually, I’ll just add the entire BIGJam Collection as one minor game]

This is a little idea I’ve wanted to try for ages – it’s basically a puzzle game based on the rules of the tower placement section of the mobile phone game “Tower Bloxx”. I really like that section of the game, but I don’t like the one switch tower building bit – so I thought it might be fun to separate that part of the game and explore it a little.

Play it on Kongregate here!


BIGJam, Game 2 out of 8: The Baron’s Volcano Party

The result of a three hour contest on friday night! A collab with Increpare, Pichtaco and Kekskiller. We randomly chose the themes “Centipede”, “Voodoo”, “Herrensuppe” and “Speed”.

Play here! (Or on Newgrounds, here.)

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BIGJam, Game 4 out of 8: NUN SQUAD

Not posting these in any order! This one’s a klik and play game, made in two hours.

Download NUN SQUAD here!


BIGJam, Game 1 of 8: Airplane Adventures



Sine Wave Ninja

On the third saturday of every month, Glorious Trainwrecks host Klik of the Month Klub, a celebration of improvisational game design! This time round, I created a game called Sine Wave Ninja. Some targets: 1000 is a good score, 2000 is a great score, and anything above 3000 is a hell of a lot better than I can do.

I really love messing around in Klik and Play, but it’s an old, buggy and seriously limited development environment; so this month, my only objective was to try and familiarise myself with Klik and Play’s big brother, Multimedia Fusion. Turns out I absolutely love using it – it’s exactly like using Klik and Play, and it resolves pretty much every problem I have with it.

The first thing I associate MMF with is Ikiki – so, I figured as an exercise, I’d make a game in his style. Hence; naked ninjas.

My original idea was to make one of those timing games like Hitotobasi or Gonbutoman; you’d start on the left, run by tapping z, jump at just the right time into the ocean, press jump again to change direction and leap out, in a sine wave. But, er, it ended up being completely different than that. Probably a good thing, seeing as I really like how it ended up!

Actually, I’m tempted to take a few days out to turn this little prototype into a real game. I think it’s got potential to be pretty addictive!


Kowlr is a Towlr, yes

Been working a little on my flash framework – I read somewhere that you can pretty much eliminate lag by structuring things in such a way that you work around flash’s garbage collection. Not sure if it actually works, but I need a decent flash framework so decided to approach things that way.

Anyway. For fun, and practice, (and since PoV couldn’t get the Klik and Play version running), I ported Kowlr to flash. 😀 Play it here!

Will be interesting to see what Kongregate think of it , heh.


LD Update

Took me quite a while to come up with an idea for this one that I really liked, but I think I’ve got it now. Unfortunately progress has been slow, so it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll finish it by sunday night… Still, will stick with it and see where it goes. (I’m using placeholder graphics so I haven’t really got any screenshots or anything like that to show yet)

For KOTM I made this. I think it’s pretty self explanatory:

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