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Dimension NORMAL
« on: October 16, 2017, 12:07:10 PM »
This is the story of a villi named Viridian. Viridian worked at the controls in a big ship where he was the captain. The captain's job was simple: he sat at his desk at the front of the ship and he pushed buttons on a control panel. Orders came to him through his crew mates, telling him what buttons to push, how long to push them, and in what order. This is what the captain did every day of every month of every year, and although others might have considered it soul rending, Viridian relished every moment the orders came in, as though he had been made exactly for this job. And Viridian was happy.

And then one day, something very peculiar happened. Something that would forever change Viridian, something he would never quite forget.

you crashed again now find your crew hooray

take this for now because I'm nowhere near finishing it