Author Topic: Are all of these VVVVVV levels bad? Or am I picking the wrong ones?  (Read 257 times)


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NOTE: I am not saying my level is better than everyone elses, Im just looking for good levels not built into VVVVVV.

So I spent months building, scripting, editing, even storylining, and eventually, publishing my level (Your Best Friend) onto Distractionware. Then I try out other levels, and comparing them to my level, not being biased, they SUCK ARE NOT VERY GOOD. So I hear talk of a VVVVVV level feature page, but I cannot find this either, and the levels that I hear of are featured are not built into VVVVVV. So what are some good levels(dont advertise your crappy level) that would be feature worthy? Or where is this "feature page"? Thanks for reading my rant, by the way.

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Re: Are all of these VVVVVV levels bad? Or am I picking the wrong ones?
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2019, 11:33:29 PM »
like 8 years ago in 2011 terry featured levels (which would then be included in the game, and are)
however, he hasn't done that for a very long time and isn't active here anymore, but on the vvvvvv discord server we compiled a list of the community's best levels
here's a slightly shorter version which'll probably keep you busy: Dimension Open [], Bracketed Trilogy [||], Bracketed Trilogy
& [X], Bracketed Trilogy OVERDOSE Unshackled Detox outside. Oui? Check! Summer Spooktacular Abort! Vitellary Quest "C" Objects Victoria's Gift Don't eat yellow snow