Day 4

As expected, I’ve had quite a slow start. I did make a plan today though. I’m going to use these two weeks to focus on the creative side of this game – the music, the graphics and the dialogue. I’ll then use the final two weeks (while I’m back at work) to focus on the more technical side of the game – level design, engine work, balancing the battles, and so forth.

However, I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep things that separate. Before I do that, I’m going to try and get the first hour or so completely playable, which means doing all the code, art and music that I need for that short portion of the game.

I need to finish the engine before I can do that, so that becomes my first priority. Thankfully, it’s almost done, even still it’s probably going to take a day or two to get right.

So for the next couple of days, I’m going to mostly focus on the engine. I have a lot of the “general” work done – what I don’t have are specifics. I need to design a shell that this game can use.

Here’s what’s left to add to the “general” side of the engine:

– Battle animations
– Reading battlescripts and itemscripts from a file
– Full implementation of all the target sets
– Status effects

When that’s in place, I can start working on the specific part of the engine for Major Arcana. I’ll need:

– A new battle style – i.e. I’ll have to replace the Chrono Trigger style thing I’ve currently got going for something a little more traditional.
– I need to add battle transitions. That shouldn’t be a big deal.

After that comes the hard bit. I need to implement the junction system, which is going to require some exact planning of how the game’s gonna work. I’ll also need to put together a menu system to go with it.

I should have something more interesting to say after tomorrow, heh.

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