Extension Day 11

I apologise if I haven’t been all that coherent lately : I’ve been totally exhausted for the past two weeks. This contest is starting to take its toll on me.

The contest at RPGDX has been extended for one more week – March the 19th to be exact. Which is great, because there’s no way in hell I was going to get a game out this evening.

If things calm down a little at work next week, I just might be able to get this out in time after all.


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  1. stephen on March 12th, 2007

    cool; the game’s looking quite nice dude; hope you get it done in time!

    (Spent a good portion of the weekend playing Darwinia – lovely game!)

  2. Terry on March 12th, 2007

    Heh, thanks.

    I’ve only played the Darwinia demo. It looks interesting, but not interesting enough for me to actually buy it… is it worth getting?

  3. stephen on March 13th, 2007

    If you have money to faff about on thing yeah; it only lasted five or six hours, but it’s left me with very fond memories of it in spite of it’s faults.

  4. Terry on March 13th, 2007

    Uplink was quite good, but Defcon was pretty weak. I mean, it looked good and everything, but there wasn’t much of a game there. I have a feeling that Darwinia would be pretty similar.

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