Extension Day 14

Obligatory screenshot:

Today I managed to map all of Crystalus’s and Virga’s rooms. This just leaves me with the group rooms and Stella’s rooms to finish for tomorrow evening, if I’m to stay on target.

I managed to work this fast by taking a shortcut – instead of processing the sketches like normal, I just made a few simple tiles for the in-between rooms, and made the rooms from that. This is a huge time saver for the less detailed rooms like the one in the screenshot above, but it means losing out on whatever arguable consistent “style” those squiggly line room drawings were creating.

This evening I realised that I’m going to have a potential problem when I release this thing: It’s going to be huge. Megabyte wise, that is. At the moment, it looks like the demo’s going to have 20MB of music and 15MB of graphics. Is a 35MB download for a game like this is a little excessive? I’m not sure.

I could do something about it, but I’m not sure I want to. I’m using .pcx for the graphics at the moment (it’s lossless, supported by Allegro by default and it’s more compact than .bmp), and I could cut the graphics size in half if I switched to .png, but that involves adding three new libraries to the engine (libpng, zlib, and loadpng for allegro), which is going to take time I don’t really have. And on the music side? I guess I could reduce the quality of the .ogg files a little, but I’d rather not.

To quote Homer Simpson: “I don’t care! Do any of you care?”

Thought not.


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  1. Anonymous on March 15th, 2007

    You *could* profitably use gif for stuff like the image above, or jpg for the ones with more complicated textures. Or build up a vector graphics engine 😀

    File size doesn’t matter toooo much though.

  2. Terry on March 16th, 2007

    Glad you think so, whoever you are 🙂

    Jpg isn’t really an option – I’d lose too much image quality, and it would be really noticeable in the game (especially for the sprites). Gif, on the other hand, while definitely a step up from pcx, is patented, and therefore not supported by the open source freeware Allegro library – but I hear that’s changing!

    As for vector graphics – maybe someday, but not in the next five days, heh.

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