More Concept Shots

Some more concept shots from the as-yet-very-early-concept-stages indie brawl project:

Character Selection (with Naija, Quote, Akuji and the Death Worm): by Oracle

New Mockup (with N, Nikujin, Noitu Love and Victor): by Pita

Wow – this idea is starting to take off! Sorry I haven’t written much about it in the past few days. I keep getting distracted by other shiny things. Currently, I have five… no, sorry, six short projects that I’m thinking about. That’s a good thing. Probably.


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  1. Josiah Tobin on October 23rd, 2007

    Looks great, as I said before! Very stylish pixel-pushing in the first one. 🙂

    Oh, and you were still offline when I had to head out, so I figured I’d mention it here so you don’t think I got bored and ran away or anything. :p So yeah, I’m off… Catch you soon!


  2. Verious on October 24th, 2007

    The mockups look great!

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