November Contest: Saturday, 8:45am

Wow, woke up at 8 and nearly an hour’s past already…

Actually didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Neighbours were making a fair bit of noise and my sleep patterns are messed up anyway, so it was something like half four or five when I actually got to sleep. If I find it hard to keep my eyes open later on I’ll just take a nap or something.

Right. I don’t have a lot of time here. My basic plan is to get as much engine work done today as possible, and spend tomorrow working on game content. To start with, I need to finish off a few elements of my platformer – most importantly, I need to add collision detection and event management to my particle system. Don’t think it’ll take that long, but you never know – I’m going to be using particles to kludge pretty much everything I need for the game.

Agh, I need to wake up properly. Going for a walk first. Will make a proper update when I have one.

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