November Contest, Sunday, 2am

The contest has been extended. Good thing, too – 48 hours is an insane amount of time to make anything in, heh.

All I have so far is a screenshot. Brace yourself:

Some explainations:
* The main character is the guy in the robe, and he’s casting a level one fire spell.
* Since I was strapped for time, I decided to try something a little experimental with the graphics. Everything in the game is made from continuous blobs of colour layered on top of each other. In my mind, this had more of “crepe paper” look. I’ll try to develop it a bit before wednesday so that it doesn’t look so amateurish.
* Very little is playable just yet. I’ve still got a lot of work to do.

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  1. icecube on November 19th, 2007


    (You have to come over for dinner some time dude)

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