The Art of Theft – Trilby Rank playthrough

trilbyBar maybe Trilby Ranking the Bonus Heist at some future date, I’ve finished my Art of Theft playthrough, and managed a Trilby Rank on each stage. Now I am truly a master thief. To deny it would be foolish!

I had fun with this little video playthrough! Actually I can’t remember when I last came across a game I so compulsively wanted to master.

To round the whole thing off, I posted the whole sequence of videos over at TIGSource, along with each level’s introductory text. Check it out here.

I’ve yet to play Yahtzee’s other games, but on the strength of this I think I’ll make some time over Christmas to work through them, starting with 5 Days a Stranger, probably. Or Fantabulous Wonderment, which (as a Star Control 2 fan) I really like the look of.


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  1. Pacian on December 2nd, 2007

    Don’t forget 1213, which uses an early version of the Art of Theft engine. And features zombies…

  2. Terry on December 2nd, 2007

    Doh! Of course – that’s actually the only other one I’ve played (though at the time I played it I was working on something else and didn’t have the time to get into it).

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