My traffic from google searches has gone way up recently – why? Apparently because I mentioned the word “walkthrough” on this site.

  1. 17.34%   art of theft walkthrough
  2. 12.11%   trilby art of theft walkthrough
  3. 7.13%    happycat [yeah I dunno what’s up with that]
  4. 4.28%    trilby the art of theft walkthrough
  5. 2.61%    passibility
  6. 2.38%    the art of theft walkthrough
  7. 1.66%    trilby art of theft
  8. 1.43%    an untitled story walkthrough
  9. 1.43%    trilby walkthrough
  10. 1.19%    trilby walkthrough art of theft
  11. 0.95%    indygamer
  12. 0.95%    trilby: the art of theft walkthrough
  13. 0.95%    untitled story walkthrough
  14. 0.95%    walkthrough art of theft
  15. 0.71%    art of theft minigame
  16. 0.71%    art of theft walkthrough trilby
  17. 0.71%    distractionware
  18. 0.71%    la-mulana walkthrough
  19. 0.71%    mcdonalds
  20. 0.71%    trilby:art of theft walkthrough

Well, I’m convinced. The world needs an indie game walkthrough database.

I’ve installed MediaWiki to the site and I’m currently working on getting it all setup. If anyone would like to help me administrate it, leave a comment! I’m pretty new to Wikis and there’s a lot of stuff I want to do that I don’t know how to do yet.

Also, I’ve added a board to the forums for requests.

For anyone looking for an Art of Theft walkthrough, you can find a very good one here. I’ve also got a playthrough up on TIGSource which might be helpful.


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  1. Josiah on December 15th, 2007

    Cool! I was thinking about doing a full walkthrough for Diver Down awhile ago, seeing as the only ones out there are largely unfinished. Not sure if I’ll ever get around to it, though. :p

    Is it just an ‘anyone can contribute’ sort of thing, or do you plan on adding everything yourself?


  2. Terry on December 15th, 2007

    Heh. Actually I’m sorta hoping the whole thing will just look after itself once I’ve got it up and running 😀 So yeah – definitely, anyone can contribute!

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