Colin’s Bear Animation

This video changed the way I look at EVERYTHING.

Movius Longhair, creator of the revolutionary WeiÁŸer Punkt in der SchwarzlÁ¼cke, was able to add a further insight to the experience.

Artist’s Statement:

It has reached the point where the limits of expression through bear animation have been explored exhaustively.

With this piece I hope to break new ground in artistic analysis of the human psyche through the new genre of Post-Bear Animation.

My desire is that this work will help to mature the medium of youtube videos.


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  1. UOIT Student on January 18th, 2008

    Please note that UOIT, the university at which this was an assignment for is not accurately reflected by the horridity of this bloody animation, and that the professor for this class is a professional 3dsm user – the course was for Maya. We students at the school feel this video portrays us in a bad light, and I can assure you the whole school is not like this – just the professor, who was acceptably sacked after that term.

    Gods, I hate the fame this is getting. I still love you, though, Terry, so that’s okay. (Saw it on my Google Reader feed and a facepalm ensued.)

  2. Pacian on January 19th, 2008

    I can see the birth of a new religion.

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