Jigsaw Falling into Place

I’ve got a real update coming later on, but for now, just thought I’d share this – it’s the video from Radiohead’s new single, Jigsaw Falling Into Place. The band members have attached cameras pointing at their faces to bicycle helmets. The result is quite trippy…

This tendency to experiment is why Radiohead are probably my all time favourite band (this, and their music, of course 🙂 ). I didn’t really take to In Rainbows though – it sounded a lot like Thom Yorke’s solo album, which I didn’t really care for. I should probably give it another shot.


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  1. Jared on January 23rd, 2008

    Wow, that’s a really odd effect. That IndieFAQs site is a great idea, hopefully lots of people will contribute.

  2. Terry on January 23rd, 2008

    Thanks, I hope so too 🙂 Love your new blog, by the way – I’d wondered what was going on with Soldat Movies!

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