IndieFAQs: Update 9

I’ve given the frontpage of my site a temporary fix. Whenever I get a day free I’m hoping to redesign the whole thing. I kinda like the whole black minimalism thing that I used for TIGSaga, but I’m not sure yet.

Also, IndieFAQs gets another update! 60 games in total now! Aren’t you impressed? Well, I’m impressed.

I was kinda hoping at this point that more people would be contributing, but unfortunately I’m still doing most of the updating myself. Oh well. At least it’s going somewhere.

Added this time: Cactus’ Illegal Communication, Yoshio Ishii’s Hoshi Saga and Hoshi Saga 2 (pictured), and because Slashie asked for more Roguelikes: Kingdom of Kroz and ADOM: Ancient Domains of Mystery.

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