Money for old rope

The Gnomes’ lair has a really good interview with Jet Set Willy Online co-creator and Retro Remakes administrator Bob “Oddbob” Fearon. Well worth reading.

I guess more than anything I want to prove to myself that there doesn’t have to be a divide between the alleged hardcore and the alleged casual crowd – I think Bit Blots Aquaria certainly goes a heck of a way to proving that Indies don’t have to cater to one or the other and that a good game will float (no pun intended) regardless. I’d hate to be the kind of person who sits there as some commercial indie devs do and tailor their product to a demographic, clipboard in one hand ticking off features, calculator in the other totting up their monthly earnings from a swathe of lacklustre products.

Games creation should be about love and care and writing the game you want to write, and sure, you can argue that where we’re heading with MFOR might not pay the bills so as to speak, but at least I’ll be able to sit back and say “well, I bloody tried” regardless of how the cookie crumbles and I can’t do any worse than some tat that’s already gracing the market with a pricetag attached.

Suddenly I’m really looking forward to project MFOR 🙂

Somewhat related: whatever happened the Arsecast? Man, that was great. I’ve been relistening to the original episodes on the train lately.

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