It’s out! Download We Love Mind Control Rocket (2.8Mb, Windows) here!

I found an artist eventually – the very talented Derek Yu volunteered to create all of the art for the game, making it look better than it has any right to.

I’m sorry that I didn’t have time to make a tutorial – I’m going to work on a text one to post later on. I’m a little drained after working some crazy hours to get this finished for the deadline, but when I’ve recovered, expect a long post-mortem on the project 🙂 I’m also hoping to release a final version in a few weeks which fixes some of the balance problems in the game and adds some of the features that I didn’t have time for, so I’d really appreciate any constructive feedback that you can offer!

Here’s a link to the game’s thread on TIGSource, which will probably get updated more often than this post. 🙂

19 thoughts on “All Hail Mind Control Rocket”
  1. Id love it if you came back to this one if you had time. With a little more polish, this one would be incredible. Thats not to say it doesnt rock already though. Keep up the good work, man!

  2. Wow, you call this a minor game?! You’ve taken a concept that is used so often yet always bores the crap out of me… and made it into something beautiful!

  3. MINOR game? with multiplayer and a little balancing here, a little addition there, this game could be SOLID! i love the theme, artwork.

    since you are looking for suggestions, i would say in combat first attack is too influential to the overall outcome. might could be balanced by reducing units attack power?

    thanks for such a gem!

  4. Very nice. Still haven’t beaten it, but toying around with it. Will the full version have cheats so I can play around with having a mighty army or a huge income?

  5. Mmm, well then, any way to tweak around the existing build? I’d love to beat the game and see all the dialog options.

  6. I do hope that the new version of All Hail Mind Control Rocket would one day be released. This game has the potential of being great!

  7. Definitely don’t forget that one ! I love Mind Control Rocket ! =D
    (And it reminds me of Defcon, check introversion games)

  8. I really love these kinds of turn based strategy games that aren’t warfare centric. This and Zafehouse, Nethack, and Dwarf Fortress are some of my favorite games.


  9. I sat down and beat it. It was quite fun, even though totally unfinished. Doesn’t look like we’ll see a finished version, but if it does come about, it’d be pretty epic.

  10. I had fun with the game, till I was annihilated because I couldn’t build any units. It never allowed me to make plastic, parts, or chemicals. The game is beyond broken as it is, but it is a fun concept.

  11. This game, though unfinished, is great! Terry, you may be reluctant to revisit this game after so long, but I think it could be fantastic if you were to update it to fit your original vision.

  12. the first battle was difficult, but after that it was just a joke. the enemies need to increase in difficulty; by the end, i had 12k mechs and 4 of everything else, and the enemy army was still at 2k total.

    …of course it doesn’t really matter, as this game isn’t supposed to be polished 😛

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