On Crush

It appears that very few people have actually played Crush, the game that inspired Squish. So I thought I’d share a few videos to show people what the game is like:

The official trailer

Some in game footage

I actually didn’t stick very closely to the original at all; very few of the concepts had a convincing 2D parallel so I just kinda started making stuff up as I went along. I think I was able to at least demake the basic concept though (even though I originally wanted vertical squishing as well and didn’t have time)…


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  1. Verious on September 20th, 2008

    I’ve never played Crush, but I think you really captured the essence in Squish.

  2. AuthenticKaizen on October 3rd, 2008

    thanks for that videos. clever concept.

    as said you have captured the essence.

    both excellent concepts.

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