Demakes Results

The results of the Bootleg Demakes contest are out: Squish managed a very respectable 7th place (out of 68 games), which is far higher than it probably deserves given its glitchy last minute nature and the high standards of the other games in the contest 🙂 Thanks very much to all 48 of you out there who voted for it – I really appreciate the support!

I’m delighted to see Soundless Mountain II take first place (I embedded a video above if you haven’t seen it yet) – I was worried that it mightn’t do as well as it deserved to, considering how faithful to the original it was and given that Silent Hill 2 was such a marmitey (?) type of game. Thankfully, it looks like Silent Hill 2 was more popular than I realised, at least among TIGSourcers! 🙂 Congrats Superflat!

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