Xoldiers on Bytejacker!

Xoldier’s is on today’s Free Indie Rapid Fire episode of Bytejacker along with Edit Mode’s Lightmare and JW’s 10,800 Zombies!

The show recently had a change of format, which basically means that instead of the Free Indie of the week thing they used to do, they just select three games and have viewers vote for their favourite on Thursday’s episode. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Thursday, but it’s cool to see it mentioned in any case! 🙂

Incidentally, Bytejacker has been really good recently – last week they had a roundtable interview with three designers from the AGS scene which is well worth checking out. I kinda wish the show would do more of this sorta thing (like the demake roundup) – I think it’s at its best when it focuses on the indie stuff. (but then, I guess I’m sorta biased 😀 )

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