Self Destruct Offline

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Self Destruct is overdue an update, I know. In the meantime, I’ve created a seperate version to address the most serious problem – it’s exactly the same as the current version, except it works offline. Get it here! The new v2 of the game, whenever I get around to it, should have an offline version built in as well as the other changes and fixes!

Incidentally, the highscore table‘s been wiped – so now’s probably the best possible time to get a permanent highscore in the v1 table! 😉


Please don’t be away too long

I’m itching to finally release Don’t Look Back after spending the last month working on it, but unfortunately I’m going to have to wait a while before I can – as an experiment, and since I’m, like, practically bankrupt, I’ve decided to try looking for a sponsorship. The game’s on Flash Game Licence, but it looks like the whole process is a lot slower than I thought it was. So I don’t quite know when I’ll be able to release it, unfortunately 🙁

In the meantime, I’ve decided to try and finish off one of the old projects I’ve got knocking around. I felt like working on Pathways, and something recently came up which gave me a good pretence to finally finish it off! I might have it out by the end of the week? Possibly? Who knows!

Currently, here’s where I am: the engine is finished, the dialogue is about 50% done, the music is finished, but I’m starting from scratch with the graphics to take a different approach with it, so all of that needs to be done. Here’s a preview of the new style I’m going for:

I’m still doing the mixed resolutions thing, but it’s a lot more subtle now, I think.

I should have a better idea by Saturday with regards to how long this one will take to finish… I’m thinking of making a short game tomorrow too though, if I do that’ll probably hold things up a bit.



Literally the only thing left to do before Don’t Look Back is finished is to implement the music and sound effects into the game – I figured this wouldn’t be a big deal, but unfortunately I’ve run into problems 🙁

It turns out that because of the way MP3 files work, it’s almost impossible to make them loop cleanly – which destroys the ambient background effects… And Flash 9 supports only MP3s, so I can’t even use WAVs instead.

There are two things I’m going to try, probably: First I’m going to attempt to crossfade a repeating ambient background sound effect into itself as it finishes – I sorta have this working already, but it’s a bit messy and you can clearly hear the intersection at the end of the sample, so it’s not really much of an improvement… Maybe if I spend enough time tweaking it it’ll sound ok, though.

The other possibility is to take a different approach to the sound design – instead of a 10 second raining sample say, I could come up with a load of small rain samples that each play once randomly – this way I wouldn’t have the looping problem. But I’ve got no idea if that’ll actually work.

Even if this does fix the ambient sounds, a far more serious problem is that I can’t cleanly loop the music. I don’t really know how to fix this – I don’t know if I even can.


Nearly there

I know I keep saying this, but Don’t look back should be out within a couple of days. Just for the sake of doing something different I put together a quick video of it (sorry about the messed up colours and low quality in general; video editing remains a mystery to me):

I’ll probably beta test it for a day or two before the actual release. Anyone interested in checking it out a little early? 🙂