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By Terry Feb 27, 2009

Something new I’m working on this weekend:

For this!

Will post more later. In compo mode right now!

p.s. very glad to hear that people are enjoying pathways – haven’t had a chance to reply to all the comments yet but I will when I can! 🙂

9 thoughts on “LoFi RPG”
  1. heh, cheers 🙂

    I’m putting this to one side for a little while – it’s just a little too big of a project for me right now. I ended up working on something with Dock instead that I’m gonna finish off this week – I’ll post something about it tomorrow!

  2. […] Klik of the Month 50 is a special occasion, and I wanted to make something special for it: so, I finished my first ever RPG! It ended up taking most of the day, many hours beyond the two hours allotted. It reuses a lot of assets from one of my many previous failed jam RPGs. […]

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