Self Destruct is overdue an update, I know. In the meantime, I’ve created a seperate version to address the most serious problem – it’s exactly the same as the current version, except it works offline. Get it here! The new v2 of the game, whenever I get around to it, should have an offline version built in as well as the other changes and fixes!

Incidentally, the highscore table‘s been wiped – so now’s probably the best possible time to get a permanent highscore in the v1 table! 😉

2 thoughts on “Self Destruct Offline”
  1. See – I knew it wasn’t just me that needed this fixed 😉

    Thanks Terry – will endevour to send some photos to you of people playing it at the 300-people retro gaming even that we’ll be showcasing this at 😀 – I’m taking my desktop PC (as well as my Atari STE 4160, Amiga CD32 & C64) complete with a fat sound rig for full ear-drum rupturing retro arcade effect! 😀

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