19 thoughts on “Don’t Look Back: Standalone”
  1. Only JUST got around to playing this (Will I ever stop getting every illness that’s going around?). Very well done; love the style, and the ending totally caught me off-guard.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, really enjoyed playing it and downloaded the game for my computer and soundtrack too. I loved the mood, the color scheme, and even the graphics, everything was perfect, it captured an atmosphere and essence I truly enjoy, and the ending was very mysterious, I wish there was more to this game. Please make more to this theme.

  3. Hi! Amazing game, indeed!! Its ending left me really flabbergasted, and I was wondering: should one manage the heraclian task of completing the game not dying once, would one behold a different ending??

    Thanks for such a compelling game!!

  4. A lot of people said this game is great, and it is… but…

    I absolutely dont get the end. How is it you arrive back at the start, only to see yourself there, then you disappear for no reason? Its confusing and a real let down unless you give us some insight as to what that was supposed to be about.

  5. man…Dont Look Back is an amazing game it reminds me of the good old days when games were 2D you did a great job on this game adn i hope more like that are soon to come.

  6. yeah.. i know you get lots of acclaimin reviews, but i need to say it!!
    you are one of the most gifted flash programmers in the web!
    and thats not because of the physics or all that stuff you miss a little bit in DLB but because of the great story, without narrative, the atmosphere.. brutal!!!


  7. wow ! so poetics ! it doesn’t mather if the graphics looks like big picells… Yo will like this game

  8. I love your game, but I’m using Linux, so there’s no standalone version usable for me. I tried to download the swf directly but it tells me it can’t be played offline.

    Could you do something for us Linux players? Like releasing a standalone swf version?

    Anyway, I’ll play the game online for now, thank you for this piece of art.

  9. catwell: I don’t have linux installed here at the moment so I can’t make a linux projector, but I think you can download the Kongregate SWF and play it offline if you have an application that can run SWF files; it isn’t sitelocked 🙂

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