Been working a little on my flash framework – I read somewhere that you can pretty much eliminate lag by structuring things in such a way that you work around flash’s garbage collection. Not sure if it actually works, but I need a decent flash framework so decided to approach things that way.

Anyway. For fun, and practice, (and since PoV couldn’t get the Klik and Play version running), I ported Kowlr to flash. 😀 Play it here!

Will be interesting to see what Kongregate think of it , heh.

14 thoughts on “Kowlr is a Towlr, yes”
  1. Um… what are we even supposed to do? Ah, I see, you’re supposed to do nothing. XP Lol, well at least you let us see how much you made before you gave up.

  2. There are key differences between this version and the original! I’m still trying to interpret all the elements (bravo on the level of thematic depth here, btw) but so far I feel that the Flash version paints a significantly sadder picture, mostly due to the changed colour scheme and increased difficulty level…

  3. I’m thinking of doing a tribute game to this… would that be OK? Before I do anything though, I’d like to know if the similarities between this game and 4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Uniqueness are intentional, or just an unintentional side effect of the ‘advancing wall of doom’ theme and minimalist graphics?

    I have to say, intentional or not, Kowlr has led me to think about 4:33 in a very different way… one I don’t fully approve of, but who am I to put shackles on my own mind? (that was a rhetorical question)

  4. I never knew! Clearly I must play these if I am to make a tribute, but now I know there are already more I see less reason to. Towlr confuses me so much…

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