Ludum Dare 14 is this weekend, and I could not be more psyched about it! This’ll be my second Ludum Dare – my first was LD13, which had the theme “Roads”. For that, I worked on what eventually became Pathways. I also entered a mini LD earlier in the year and started what eventually became Don’t Look Back.

As happy as I am with those projects, this time I’d really love to actually finish something by the deadline! Which probably means coming up with a much more realistic plan for what I can actually do in 48 hours, instead of totally underestimating the amount of work it’ll take like I usually do. I don’t know what I’ll make yet, but it’s likely going to be very gameplay focused and not very content heavy.

(Also, Klik of the Month is tomorrow night; depending on how things are going I wanna give that a try too!)

The contest theme won’t actually be announced until the very last minute – the voting process is kinda complicated, but the jist of it is that there are multiple days of voting and one final round. So, while you can’t know for sure which theme is going to win out, you can make a pretty good educated guess by looking at which themes won in the previous rounds. Here’s the final round list of themes, sorted by score:

Score Theme
23 Rain
21 Advancing Wall of Doom
18 Attraction
18 Evil, defeat the lone hero!
16 Single Enemy
15 Epidemic
14 Microscopic World
13 Evolution
9 Flying
8 Procedural Generation
7 Gravity
6 Layers
4 Bosses
4 Distorted perception
3 Breaking the rules
0 Explosions
-1 Wormholes
-2 Recursion (specifically, Yo Dawg!)
-4 Very Short Games
-8 Cooperation

For the rest of the day, I’m gonna fix up my C++ and Allegro framework, and try to brainstorm a few ideas for the most likely candidates.

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  1. Hmmm.. this is quite handy actually, thanks! I had never realized you can look at previous days stats.. I always just clicked the next round and waited blind for the theme.

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