Yikes, ok, so that’s not exactly a pretty screenshot, but it represents a milestone! For the last little while I’ve been idly reading up on and mucking about with a cool Flash library called Papervision3D, and I’ve only now finally got it doing something worthwhile – i.e. embedding and displaying a textured 3D object!

In a little while I’m going to start back into my next biggish project (which I’ll write a little about soon). In the meantime, though, I feel like applying this new knowledge to some small throwaway thing…

(Oh, also – decided to try out Twitter.)

4 thoughts on “What… is that?”
  1. Oh right – I actually do know that guy, I’ve read his tutorials, he’s Mr. A* 😀

    what happened to “newrpg”? =(

    Still working on it! Dock’s a little tied up with a more serious project of his own right now, so I’m taking the time to finish off something else.

  2. Jotaf: yes, my triangle gradient experiment was meant to be used for 3d rendering. I was thinking that I could generate a triangle for light levels, and then use BlendMode.MULTIPLY to apply it to the texture, and that would give me gouraud shaded polygons in Flash.

    However, I’m sure PaperVision and other 3D libraries already do that for you, so Terry probably won’t need to generate his own gradients.

    The difference in resolution is just a matter of allocating a bigger bitmap. I used 256×256 because it was easy to implement a gradient where x == red, y == blue, 255-x-y == green.

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