6 thoughts on “Bullet Time Preview”
  1. Haha! I really like the look of this prototype. I suck at it though. 🙂 I can’t seem to last longer than like… 5 seconds? I can’t put my finger on exactly what I like so much about the graphics but there is a really neat twist on retro going on there. Almost like… if retro were rendered like a cartoon? 😉

    I’m a little bummed I didn’t have time to make a go of this mini-LD this time around as both themes (sound and time) are some really great subjects! Looking forward to seeing this finished sometime.

  2. Heh, cheers. I’m nearly done!

    Were did the glowingness go thought?

    Ah, to do that sorta thing properly you really need to work at a high resolution and use lots of alpha blending – it was asking a bit much from flash really.

  3. Good, now why don’t you, I dunno, FINISH Detonote?! D:

    Sorry to snap at you… 🙁 you should do whatever you want, great work isn’t rushed really.

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