18 thoughts on “The Best Years of my Life”
  1. Ah, the concept is very good. I have only played it alone and I shall try it with a friend.

    Graphics remind me of Manic Miner, by the way, but I guess it’s because of the red colour in screenshots. 🙂 They are good in any case.

  2. Haha the comments on Kongregate.

    PLAY IT WITH TWO PEOPLE you goofs. I don’t know if many of the younger players over there would fully appreciate it, though.

    I’m pretty easygoing, so there weren’t any keyboard fistfights, but I can think of some couples that should NEVER play this game XD

    Terry, have you ever wondered if something like this could actually be used in marriage-counselling or something like that, etc? I was just daydreaming for a second, and I was curious if a video game like this, just short and sweet like it is, could ever be used in such a manner. It could possibly be a good way to see where each partner stands in certain facets of the relationship (who is in more control, who is more vocal, etc.)

  3. Oh, I dunno – I don’t think this particular game would be any help in such a session, but in principal I think you could probably come up with something that was; something that maybe helped people see their actions in another light?

    Like you said, some couples should never play this game 🙂

  4. Ok, I swear I played with me and my brother. And I still didn’t get it. I know it’s about collecting all the thing-a-ma-bobs whatever they are and getting to the door, but in later levels I suddenly started taking control of P2, and the WASD keys didn’t do crap anymore. Was that the point of the game? If so, what kind of point is that?

    BTW, I’m not angry or hating the game, just confused.

  5. So… that means it’s about how P1 (the man) takes control near the end?

    Sorry for being to slow to understand it all. 🙁

  6. I think it’s whichever player gets the most collectables ends up being the player that controls both characters at the end.

  7. whoever collects more gets dominance. In the beginning both players had symmetrical maps. In the mid-game the guy gets a bit more. But in the last screen the woman get about 10, making the collection same again.

  8. This game was very sad but masterfully created and executed.

    People have been talking about video games being art, and this should be their prime example.

  9. This game is extremely simple, yet very subtle and thought-provoking. I particularly like how the person who ends up with the lower dominance is thrust into more and more perilous situations while the one with more ends up having to do very little. I also like how some of the people who post reveal more about themselves than they may intend to….

  10. Such a sad, thought-provoking game. It’s bittersweet in a way, knowing that someone who was so close to you at the start just…breaks away in the end.

  11. Because it seems like you’re working towards a common goal, but it turns out you’re actually competing

    Very interesting…

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