Let’s recap! I worked on these eight games in Berlin at BIGJam 2009 as a personal challenge, to practice developing and prototyping faster. Be warned that they’re all very rough and unpolished!

The games are numbered in order of when development on them started. Two of the games (Deterministica and Bullfist) weren’t completed at the jam, and were instead completed in the week after the event.

Game #1: Airplane Adventures
Created on the flight over from Dublin to Berlin.
Play Online Here (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Game #2: The Baron’s Volcano Party
A collaboration with Increpare, Pichtaco and Kekskiller. For a three hour jam with the themes “Centipede”, “Voodoo”, “Herrensuppe” and “Speed”.
Play Online Here (Newgrounds) (Original Post)
Created on the Friday afternoon/Saturday morning of the jam. Featuring music by Kekskiller.
Play Online Here (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Game #4: Nun Squad
For a three hour jam with the theme “Concerned Nun Squad”. Perhaps surprisingly, this is the only Klik and Play game I made at the event!
Download Here (Original Post)
Game #5: Bullfist
A collab with Hayden Scott-Baron, Alex May and Battlerager, for a three hour jam with the themes “Communist Bull Rage” and “Random”. Finished after the event.
Play Online Here (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Game #6: Nanny ZERO
A collab with Increpare, created for a three hour jam with the theme “Reality TV”. This one’s made in C++ with Allegro.
Windows, OSX 10.5+ (intel), Source, (Original Post)
Game #7: Deterministica
My favourite game from the event 🙂 Starring Hayden Scott-Baron (Dock), Alex May (Haowan), Daniel Rosenfeld (C418), Robert Zetzsche (jstckr) and created with Stephen Lavelle (Increpare) and C418.
Play Online Here (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Game #8: Airplane Adventures 2: The Return
To round things off, I created this on the flight back from Berlin!
Play Online Here (Kongregate) (Original Post)
8 thoughts on “BIGJam Collection 2009”
  1. I’ve played and enjoyed a lot of these games, but I’ve only now realized that they’re by the same person.

  2. The Windows download for Game #6: Nanny ZERO isn´t available anymore. Can you upload it again or don´t you have it anymore?

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